Frequently Asked Questions

First day of class

Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to pick up your name tag, and get your skates on. Rental skates are available at both rinks for a cost of $3 per week. We also may have some used skates for sale- let us know if you are interested.

What do I wear?

Dress warm, and in layers if possible. You'll be surprised how quickly you warm up after moving around on the ice.
Snow pants work best for smaller children or those who get cold easily. No jeans, or clothes that constrict movement.

Skates: Hockey or Figure?

Depends.  We like to start all skaters out on figure skates because they have a longer blade with a toe pick and a longer heel, which help the beginning skater stay on their feet.  However, every skater is different, therefore it's best to talk with the coaching staff.

What about helmets?

A helmet is required for ages 3-5; a bicycle or skateboarding helmet works fine, as well as a hockey helmet if you have one.
For all other ages, we always recommend helmets for brand new skaters, but it is ultimately your decision.

How am I progressing?

Learn to Skate patchesCheck your nametag!

Nametags list all the skills necessary for the skater’s level.  Instructors will place a check mark next to each skill a skater achieves during each class.  Remember to turn your nametag in at the end of each class session.  This allows us to move skaters up a level if needed and helps us know which skaters have earned a new badge.  We are hopeful the new nametags will help parents and skaters know weekly how they are progressing. As you move through each level you will receive a patch to celebrate your achievement, and at the end of each session we will provide skaters with a written report card of their progress.

Remember that every person is unique and progresses at their own speed. Above all else, the key is to have FUN!